When most of us are thinking of selling our homes, we think of the profit to be made. After all, in the Wichita, KS area, the market has continued to see a big upswing. While many homeowners have the opportunity to profit off of their home for sale, there are many hidden costs when you list with a real estate agent.


There are great things about selling your Wichita area home with a realtor, like taking the stress off of yourself and their ability to negotiate and take care of the legal paperwork for you. However, they of course charge for these services out of the profit of your home sale. Depending on your personal margins, that can mean a hugely reduced profit for you, with some realtor fees going as high as 6% of the sale price of the home.

Wichita Realtors Often Request Repairs & Updates

Another struggle to working with realtors, and selling to their typical target market, is they can often require you make repairs and updates throughout your home. Yes, they are trying to help you sell your Wichita home for its maximum value, but the unfortunate reality is you have to pay for those repairs upfront. Not everyone has the budget to make those repairs upfront, especially when you have no guarantee of when your home will actually sell and you’ll recoup those funds.

In the Wichita metro area, those repairs can start at $300 for just the home inspection, and then can average around $1-2,000 or more depending on your home’s age and any issues the inspector finds.

Your realtor may also request you repaint main living areas – to make your home more neutral and attractive to potential buyers, replace older carpet, or even update bathrooms and kitchen areas to get the maximum value from your home.


However, there is a better way! Selling your home for cash to a company that is experienced in providing fast cash offers can offer a great amount of relief. Selling your home for cash can mean an offer within as little as 24 hours, no costly repairs, and no realtor fees.

Working with a professional home buying company like Harmony Home Buyer can also mean that you’re able to set a closing date that works best for your schedule, without the need to wait for 2 months of loan and escrow processing. Selling your home as-is for cash helps you avoid the stress and maximize your personal profit for your home!