Your home might be vacant for a lot of reasons. Either you’ve already had to move, you had tenants who have moved out, or you’ve inherited a home that you’re not sure what to do with. A vacant home can be hard to sell, and the longer it sits vacant the more likely it is to be burglarized or attract squatters.

What if you’re ready to get the equity out of your vacant home? Many property owners try to rent their property, but sometimes frustrations with tenants, repairs, and keeping it rented can become overwhelming.

Instead of continuously dealing with the stress of renters or even just the “What now?” that often comes with a vacant property, many homeowners choose to list their property for sale. But a vacant property can be a difficult sale, especially when home buyers want to see furniture to help them better imagine the space.


1. First, make sure the house doesn’t look vacant.

You can probably picture what a lived-in house looks like versus one that is vacant, so do what you can to ensure it doesn’t look vacant to someone driving by. That can be as simple as ensuring the lawn continues to get mowed through the warmer months, taking care of excess foliage during the cooler months, and picking up mail and/or newspapers. Put lights on timers to make it look like someone comes home in the evening, and even stop by the property yourself a couple of times a week, even for just a few minutes, so that neighbors see a car there. Even talk to a neighbor and see if they would be willing to park a vehicle in the driveway.

2. Keep up with the repairs

Most homeowners want to walk into their home and do nothing but maybe a bit of painting to make it theirs. Even though no one is currently living in the home, keeping the home in good repair will help you sell it in the long-run.

3. Skip the work, and sell to a local home buyer for cash

The quickest and easiest way to tap into your vacant home’s equity is to sell your home for cash to a local home buyer. Selling with a reputable buyer like Harmony Home Buyer can mean an offer within 24 hours, no repairs, no continuous mowing, and no realtor fees. There’s no need to stage your vacant home either.

A professional home buying company can also mean that you can choose your closing date, helping you to avoid the stress of your vacant home and maximize your profit.