Recently Wichita, KS has not seen the best news when it comes to local employers, with many hit by layoffs due to the halt of the 737 Max production at Spirit. While there’s hope of resuming production “soon”, we know that many of you may have been hit harder by the recent layoffs. If you’re relocating for a new opportunity or you’ve been in a tough financial situation, a professional home buying company might just be the answer for you.


With a traditional selling process through a realtor, you might need to take on expensive repairs in order to make the sale happenMost realtors will recommend a few small upgrades at the very least, like a fresh coat of paint, new flooring, wiring fixes, and more in order to get the most value out of your home. Unfortunately, home repairs can take time and a budget that you simply don’t have. While many home owners might try to DIY their repairs, those DIY repairs may not pass the home inspection.

Along with the repairs that come from a traditional selling process, you also have realtor fees, more legal fees, and a long selling waiting period. The realtor fees alone of typically 6% of the home value can be a huge cut into the money your family needs as you prepare for a new job either in Wichita or a new location all together.


Above all else, selling your home for cash is the easiest and most convenient method, especially when time is a factor. Instead of 60 days for closing, usually a cash-only contract can be written quickly and ready for closing much faster. Plus, we’re able to schedule the closing when it’s convenient for you, meaning you can set the closing schedule.

There are also no showings to clean for, no repairs to do, no stress. You simply contact your Wichita area cash home buyer for a quote and receive your no-obligation cash offer quickly! If you choose to move forward with your cash offer, we will walk you through all of the steps, setting the schedule for closing when it’s good for you, and helping to make the process as stress-free as possible.

If you choose not to sell your home to us, don’t worry! We are still here to help and provide advice should you need it.

We know that dealing with a layoff you already have enough on your plate. We want to make selling your home, helping you relocate or get out of financial trouble as easy as possible.

Speak with one of our home buying pros today and let us get you started down the right path for you; whether that’s selling your home for cash or even working with a traditional realtor. Let us help you make the right choice for your family!